Apple iPhone 6s Review

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It’s S-gen iPhone time again, and guess what – the iPhone 6s appears to be an even stronger and more polished proposition than usual. In our abnormally detailed review, we’re going through all that the iPhone 6s’ has to offer: from the innovative 3D Touch display, through the powerful A9 chipset, to the upgraded, 12 MP camera with Live Photos. Enjoy!

Apple iPhone 6s Review:

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42 Comments on Apple iPhone 6s Review

  1. LOL when people actually tell the truth about iPhones amazing quality, Buthurt fanboys go crazy hahahahaha, its so funny to watch losers who can't afford a great device expect there cheap ones to be better. When i say the 6s plus has been the best smartphone experience I've ever had i mean it, Ive tried all from Samsung to LG, Most other companies copy Apple so obviously its just embarrassing. Specs are NOTHING without optimization. Thats why a samsung phone with 8 gb of ram will still be more laggy than an iPhone with 2gb of RAM. Unfortunately dumb Apple hating fanboys can't understand that.

  2. So…. Basically instead of trying brainwash everyone & say apple added a million more features, I'll just tell everyone what has REALLY changed. It's EXACTLY the same as the iPhone 6, all it has is a 3D Touch where you can't really use it right now because 3rd party apps aren't compatible with it… So yeah that's right you guessed it! It's pretty much the same ☺

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