Apple iPhone 6S Review

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My full review of the Apple iPhone 6S after one month!

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25 Comments on Apple iPhone 6S Review

  1. seriously bra?
    you didn't show what 3D Touch is useful for – like using your software keyboard as a trackpad and using peek & pop to preview content in apps like messages, mail and instagram.
    and the iPhone 6S actually supports fast charging – you just need a power adapter from the iPad for that
    and #nohate but you have to improve your english – I noticed a lot of faults even though English isn't my native language!

  2. I'm going to be honest, I'm less than thrilled with the camera, and I question whether it's truly putting out a true 12 megapixel image or simply "interpolating" the older 8mp images into larger sizes. If you look up the full sized samples available on the photo sites like dpreview, you'll see at full size, fine detail in things like hair, trees, grass, etc are very "muddy" and to an extent look like a painting instead of a photo. Much worse overall than the likes of the G6, Note 5, or V10… much worse. Dynamic range is indeed good though – but find detail imo gets a "C-" if I were grading it. Yes, at Facebook/Instagram sizes they look fine – but look at them full size and you'll find that if you were to heavily crop them or want a larger print from them, you'll see the image flaws.

    Years ago, Fuji experimented with interpolation techniques with it's sensors, where their 3mp sensors would crank out 6mp sizes with "fill-in pixles" in-between the real pixels on the chip. Later they did it with their 6mp chips trying to output 12mp images. It was very controversial as other makers said it was fake resolution claims. Fuji always argued against it, but those images had a very distinctive patchy-mushy look to them at full size. The 12mp iPhone 6s/6s+ images very much resemble those images the way they work. I'm wondering if the new pixel tech they bragged about with these new phones was just an updated version of Fuji's own interpolation techniques and not a REAL/pure 12mp sensor image.

  3. Nice. From a 6/6 Plus, I don't see many people upgrading unless your a huge photo and video taker, between selfies(flash), or 4k or slo-mo, or even regular photos. 8mp to 12mp is just a big enough of difference it'd be worth it as well as 4k. I know that personally having taken tons of photos on my iPhone 5s and then taken some on my GoPro and just seeing the difference instantly between 8mp and 12mp(I know sensors are difference sizes but still)! Besides that I don't see the Force Touch(takes use to actually see the benefit of it, improved TouchID(Most people don't even use it that I know), and more RAM a reason to upgrade from the 6/6 Plus. If you're on a 5s or below and want to upgrade to the newest iPhone though definitely go for it. A much bigger screen even with the 6s only and with the 6s Plus the whole size of the 5/5c/5s fits on the 5.5 inch screen alone. The much improved camera specs as mentioned already. Even though a lot of reviewers think people will go for the 64GB model I think a lot of people are going for 16GB just because of price like me and my family are mostly. I'm not too worried about 4k video or live photo size either as I have a 2TB External Drive that has hours of 4k video on it and 12mp photos and it's maybe 5% full. I really only like to keep copies of the most important photos and memories on my phone ever. The only real thing is I'd like to go for the 6s Plus but again because of pricing. Plus the fact 3/4 of my family's phones are broken(Two Galaxy S3s with messed up screens that freeze crash and lag and a 5c that just stopped working completely) and we can't upgrade contract unless we all upgrade our phones I'm just sticking with the 6s 16GB this time again.

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