Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Speed Test / Benchmarks

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Here is our full speed test & benchmarks between the Apple iPhone 6s Plus & the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.

More info on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

More info on the iPhone 6s Plus :

Watch Battery Life Comparison:

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Watch 4K Camera Comparison:

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22 Comments on Apple iPhone 6s Plus vs Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – Speed Test / Benchmarks

  1. What resolution is the note running at? I know it has twice the res of the 6s. But what is it running at on game benchmarks. Because I saw on one Youtube channel the iphone actually dropped res to around 720p when it loaded a game. That could explain the slight frame rate difference if the note is at 1080p or quad hd.

  2. Well the note 5 has a tremendous advantage over the iPhone , it's the ability to flash whatever other ROM out there so if you want maximum performance you can get rid of touchwizz and you can even downscale the resolution to 1080p the same as the iPhone , then the latter is done for . So you can use a downscaled resolution in gaming and go back to normal resolution which is quad HD for web browsing for example , not to mention overclocking the CPU and GPU … So there are plenty of things you can play with in the note 5 and not with the iPhone where you'll always bé stuck with that CPU clock speed and screen resolution …

  3. you didnt tested the memory speed in iphone 6s apple used a pcie based ssd for storage and thats the main reasone for that freaking speed and thats why its a gt8 phone

  4. iPhone user: I love my iPhone but man that android phone looks nice!

    Android users: You idiot! My Phone has a gazillion processors and a trillion million ppi looses breath from excitement with a super duper XMVZ chipset and a 1 thousand MP camera. fixes glasses & wipes snot from nose

    iPhone user: Okay..I still like my iPhone..

    Android users: You are such an isheep. My Samsung VXY can do everything your stupid little iPhone can do grabs inhaler and I can put a widget on my screen!

    iPhone user: Okay..?

    Android users: Enjoy your toy ifags.

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