Apple iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing and First Hands On Look 3D Touch – iGyaan 4K

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We finally unbox the iPhone 6S Plus . It launches in India on 16th October : PreOrder on iPhone 6s : Prebook iPhone 6s Plus :
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47 Comments on Apple iPhone 6s Plus Unboxing and First Hands On Look 3D Touch – iGyaan 4K

  1. Can you do a video about the dropping frames on the 6s plus. I got the 64 gig silver variant on iOS 9.2, still dropping frames. But turning on the reduce contrast in settings seems to solve the issue. Can you explain??

  2. IMHO the problem isn't the pricing in itself. It is the RELATIVE pricing. Google Nexus 6P, priced at USD 660 = INR 44,095 is actually priced at INR 42,499 in India. Actually a bit lower. The iPhone 6S Plus 128GB is priced in the US at USD 949 = INR 63,404 but is priced at INR 92,000. i.e. 50% higher. Perhaps the import duties are higher, say 11%. What about the remaining 39%? So yeah it is not that the iPhone is awesome (i love the phone to death, no doubt) just that Apple's India distribution model (where it pays 20% or perhaps even more to the likes of Remington etc.) is shit. As an Indian I just have to pay more for poor Apple strategy, esp. for compromised performances from Maps, Apple Pay etc. which don't work well/ work at all in India.

    I just got myself the 2014 RMBP from the US by paying INR 30K lesser (Indian price was INR 128K. US Price on Black Friday was around 100K). But MacBooks have international warranty. iPhones don't. So it isn't like I can't afford 92K. But I don't want to, especially when an American pays 50% lesser to get GREATER functionality.

    Sorry Apple, I love this phone to death but if you're charging me 50% more than what you charge the Yanks, please fuck off. Or sort your issues out by opening an Apple store in India, sourcing 30% locally or convince GoI to allow an exception for you! ('cutting edge' tech is allowed an exception to the 30% rule)

  3. what a show off race….see phones prices now a days reached 1 lac..maybe this phone hardwear costs under 15k
    phones are that much expensive bcoz ppl are willing to pay price for phone to show that they have money for that that's it..

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