Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review

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Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus is a big, big phone, but we’re big, big reviewers, so it turned out we’re more than capable of handling this cutting-edge machine of next-gen silicon and forward-looking 3D touchscreen. Enjoy our intimate review of Apple’s latest and (literally) greatest!

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50 Comments on Apple iPhone 6s Plus Review

  1. I'm either gonna get the space grey or the silver 6s plus. I will use it mostly for taking photos/videos, watching Netflix/YouTube, and for social media such as Facebook and snapchat. WICH COLOUR SHOULD I GET???

  2. That black cat in the background was BEAUTIFUL! Gorgeous! (LOL sorry I have nothing to say about the phone, all I can say is I'm getting it REALLY soon! I can't wait!)

  3. Hey John, you said that the 6S battery life was really good than the 6 Plus from last year, but I just watched the 6 Plus review & you DIDN'T mention the battery life at all, only the one on the regular iPhone 6 which is possibly the same as the regular 6S which was were disappointing. So you probably just forgot that the 6 Plus had the exact same impressive battery life like the 6S Plus. Just thought I let you know.

  4. Nooooo. Would rather have one of the new android phones then this. I mean I have an iPhone, but not the 6s plus or anything, when my contracts up I'm probably going to ditch the iPhone idk. Got a long time until my upgrade but still.

  5. I'm not sure how much better they can make the iPhone. But people will keep buying them. It's an iPhone. I only went with it because of the photo and video quality it takes and its audio quality with headphones plugged in or in Bluetooth.

  6. Bring on the android haters 3 years from now who get butthurt when apple users say you copied the 3d touch feature but still continue to bring up things Apple "copied". SMH

  7. The iPhone 6 Plus battery was really good. Granted that the 6s plus is just as good if not better. I don't think it's accurate to say that the 6 Plus battery was bad.

  8. Upgraded from iPhone 5 to 6S PLUS w/ 64gb so U can't imagine my excitement level. Mind blowing. $399 w/ my same carrier. I wonder % who upgrade every year. Not many although media leaves impression there's millions

  9. Thank you for pointing out the 16 GB being an inadequate amount of memory for a phone of this price. They should really be flogged for doing that this year. $850 is your true starting point and makes a very nice phone an overpriced choice. I guess folks will just split it up into 24 payments and the $35+ per month will just become a utility-like payment.

  10. no quick charging , no wireless charging, camera isn't anything special, still a 1080p screen, 16gb is a joke, 3D touch is a gimmick, no real multitasking, it costs top dollar, no wide angle front facing camera. This is the best phone ever made? only in apples world.

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