Apple iPhone 6s Case: Unboxing & Review

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Apple iPhone 6s Case: Unboxing & Review
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A comparison of Apple’s new iPhone 6s cases, including both silicone and leather options.

iPhone 6S vs 6 Plus:
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31 Comments on Apple iPhone 6s Case: Unboxing & Review

  1. Very nice video! I've always been the type of guy to use an OtterBox, Speck, or tech21 case, but its always nice to know that Apple has some alternative if I needed it.

  2. Putting the phone in the case may not be rocket science, but I've watched many of these reviews on YT searching for a decent case and surprisingly many people struggle until they read the directions, some even say the cases don't fit properly because they don't put the phone in the way it's pictured lol

  3. why would you pay $35 for an apple brand silicone case when you can get basically the same thing on amazon (or anywhere else in the world) for under $20, and that's the high price. find them on amazon for under $5.

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