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We Review the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6s Plus : Full Review : Order on iPhone 6s : Prebook iPhone 6s Plus :
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42 Comments on Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Review – 3D Touch & Live Photos – iGyaan 4k

  1. thank u so much…for giving such full info abt iphone 6s and 6s plus….I was confused what to buy..6s or the plus version?….aftr watching ur video I have decided to go for 6s plus in rose gold colour 64 gb…I have ordered today…and it might cme within next week… thank u..and also post more updates like this…..its very useful..:)

  2. I want to buy a new phone but I am confused whether to buy an android or ios. Means should I buy Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus or iphone 6s plus. I like both of them. So please somebody tell me…

  3. Absolutely brilliant device this one. I've owned a Samsung galaxy note 3 before I got this and I can tell you the sheer build quality of the iPhone 6s is light years ahead of the Samsung. 3D Touch works amazing and I really got used to iOS easily after 4 years with android. As far as pricing is concerned, well I paid nothing down for the iPhone since I got it on contract with Verizon (it's much cheaper in the US) and I pay $28 per month for 2 years. The Samsung Galaxy note 5 is actually costlier at $31. It retails for $850 in the US compared to the $780 for the iPhone(55k INR for the Samsung vs 44k INR odd for the iPhone). I'm not sure how much it costs in India.

  4. I have already bought iPhone 6s (64 GB )…and its working Awesome..U don't buy an iPhone ..u own an experience that is far more advanced than any other Andriod or Windows phone..# proud to own an iphone

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