Apple Iphone 6s 3D Touch will this affect games?

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Iphone 6s 3D Touch how will this affect gameplay? Hey guys it’s John from MagicTech review so I was thinking all last night about how the new iPhone 6s and the 6s + from Apple and it’s new 3d touch will affect gameplay in games that we have and that are coming. It’s very interesting to think how the Apple iPhone 6s 3d touch new aspect will affect gaming and the gaming genre on the App Store. Also since other games or other platforms don’t have the same 3d touch will they be getting them soon as well or has Apple pan patented the 3d touch system. I believe that it will be positive and make analog on-screen sticks possibly go away or become better. I know its not the biggest innovation in the world but it does affect gaming if they implement it in the right way. I’m just excited to see how they are going to implement this new 3-d touch technology into the Apple iPhone 6 and Apple iPhone 6 plus and see if they can actually do more with the technology than just a few screen taps and…

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