Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

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A full in-depth comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S6 and the Apple iPhone 6!

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25 Comments on Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S6

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  2. Fucking biased much? Samsung was better in pretty much every topic you went over yet your final verdict was like "Some people prefer iPhone, some people prefer Samsung, get an iPhone for compatibility if you have an iPad/Mac. I kinda prefer iPhone". I don't see why people would buy the iPhone here.

  3. I wish someone in the comments would just cut the bullshit about how one has an "XEJ28181928 6373-bit processor", 0.3 milliseconds faster than the other and just tell the truth. (Kinda like Marques Brownlee's vids)…
    Both have non-expandable storage, Samsung has a 32GB version, 64 and 128. Apple has 16, 16 and 128.
    Samsung has a beautiful screen, Apple's is bigger than usual, no big res.
    Samsung has 16MP 4K rear camera and 5K front (Best smartphone camera today), Apple has 8MP rear camera and 1.2 MP front.
    Samsung has 2500 mAh battery, Apple has 1800 mAh. Samsung has fast charger
    Both have bottom speakers, Apple slightly louder
    Samsung 3GB ram, Apple = Dunno. I think Samsung's a bit better?
    Samsung has Touchwiz, Apple has iOS 8 (Updated now)

  4. honestly I like my s4 but when I try and to find a Samsung case it's so hard, and iPhone cases are easier to find! my s4 is broken I may need a new phone

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