Apple iPhone 6 vs HTC One M9

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A full in-depth comparison between the HTC One M9 and the Apple iPhone 6!

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36 Comments on Apple iPhone 6 vs HTC One M9

  1. Not a good "This vs That" video. He did more "this has this and this has that" than actually comparing advantages of every feature. It took almost 3 minutes to get to the first advantage..

  2. i would never choose apple because of the limitations in the OS and the arrogance of the company that the device is not yours even if you bougth it

  3. Thinking of going half android half apple for a little bit of both experiences 
    I already have an iPhone 5c but am contemplating two different android phones
    For me it comes down to the OnePlus one or the htc one m9
    Which one would you think I like better if I was always a full on iPhone user.

  4. I honestly think your videos are the most professionally done videos out there on youtube. The shots you get are just incredibly smooth, and the footage is always extremely sharp. Keep ul the good work. 

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