Apple iPhone 6 vs HTC Desire EYE

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We compare the new HTC Desire Eye with the Apple iPhone 6. In this vs video, a plastic mid-tier selfie phone with flagships specs takes on the might of Apple. Despite the iPhone being a flagship, every resolution related spec of the HTC Desire EYE trumps it – rear and front facing camera and screen. How do the two stack up against one another in every other area? Check out our comparison video to find out.

34 Comments on Apple iPhone 6 vs HTC Desire EYE

  1. Fuck Apple. The iPhone series is so fucking repetitive. I need the Desire Eye. I've had 7 phones in my life and they have all broken by water. So the waterproof detail is really important to me.

  2. The desire EYE is also waterproof. For me it's a plus. I upgraded from the m7 and I am just blown away at how powerful this phone is. I've had my HTC one m7 since the day it was released and I've owned the Eye for less then a week and I'm more than happy. Unfortunately the red and white are the only colors you can get from your local att store are the moment. If you order from HTC's website you can get the blue and gray combo. 

  3. I think you should make a comparisons between the Sony xperia z3 compact and the new HTC EYE would like to see that video. PS I really like this show it is my go to chanel to learn about the phone's and what they are worth, thanks so much for your videos. 

  4. You seem very excited to make this VS. Or was time missing for the review?
    Great video btw. Keep them coming and a lot lot more with xperia z3 compact in it lol.
    ps : what's the background music? I don't know if I already heard it on your channel or somewhere else on Youtube.

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