Apple iPhone 5S – features – specification – review

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iPhone 5s Features | specification | review.

iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, hands on iphone 5s, reviews on iphone 5s, and specifications. Apple leading to a supposed release date on Sept 20 that would allow buyers in the U.S. China and Japan to get the handsets ahead of other markets.

The iPhone 5S gold/champagne variant in between in the white iPhone 5S and the blue iPhone 5C

In the lead up to the grand debut, the 5S and the 5C became the subjects of intense discussions and rumours, providing for Apple fans specs and features that are seemingly real. While the flood of details are overwhelming, a careful look on what we have so far about the new iOS devices provides clear clues on their builds and capabilities.

And the list below of what experts believe as confirmed iPhone specifications should further crystallise what the 5S and 5C are in the minds of their future owners. Hands on iPhone 5S reviews.

Significant specs boost

The 5S, according to earlier reports this year, is what…

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