Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

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We’re comparing the Apple iPhone 5 with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The two are today’s most-craved-for smartphones. Which of the two makes your mouth water?

*Correction the iPhone 5 was in HDR MODE during the camera testing comparison.

-Apple iPhone 5 16GB Unlocked: (White) (Black)
-Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 Unlocked:
-Samsung Galaxy Note II Titanium Gray (Verizon):
-Samsung Galaxy Note II White (Sprint):
-Samsung Galaxy Note II Titanium Gray (AT&T):

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33 Comments on Apple iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

  1. i use iphone 5 for 1 week before this i use samsung galaxy s4 i thought the s4 batterylife is poor but iphone 5 is much2 poor only last for like 4/6 hours i kinda guy that work outstations i have to go here and there whole day iphone batterylife now im using note 2 batterylife much2 better dont need to bring powerbank thumbs up about ios app well to me i dont care much as long whatsapp instagram youtube all available on android its okay with me .

  2. I still have the note 2…and im using now a note 4…i dont know why but snote oh note 2 is much much better than note 4….i can do so many things on note 2…i like how when i remove the spen almost all the editing feature is showed on the screen…snote on note 4 sucks…its hard editing photos ?

  3. Not gonna lie. I have the Note 2 and i want to trade it for an Iphone 5 today only because i love the look and how it holds in my hand … ima jailbreak the shit out of it too

  4. Way yyyy more advanced common I mean the only ppl who uses iPhones are ppl who ether never had a smartphone or just came home from jail or don't wanna use their brain 2 find out all the features galaxy has available or ppl like ma mom who just got rid of her flip phone

  5. I currently had the note 2 had it for just over a year now I love it but my batterie is shot so I am getting a Iphone 5c. I am starting to think i am going to miss my big screen 🙁 has anyone changed like this if so did you wish you stayed with the note 2?

  6. Samsung galaxy all the way.. it has more apps and is more customized than I phones … plus it looks better.. I believe the reason the picture did not look as good as iPhone because of the brightness level.

  7. I really don't like Samsungs bloatware. About a month after owning the Note 2, I rooted and put on CyanogenMod. I feel this is what the Note 2 should have been like. Another person in the house still has a stock Note 2, and to be honest, I'm disappointed. She does have allot of shit happening on it though… 2 years on and I really wouldn't switch devices

  8. The main aspect in which Apple beats Samsung is, the design. In terms of features, the Note definitely has more. What can please a person? Features. Hence, the Note is better than the iPhone5. I own both phones btw. Except not the iPhone5 but the iPhone5S. 

  9. Note 2 > big and fat but more advanced and very fun to use
    iPhone 5,4,3 > for aesthetic beauty but quite boring
    I suppose you can't compare these 2 phones as people like different things 

  10. Iphone 5 better than note 2. But note 3 is better than iphone 5 or even 5s. Mainly bcoz of the design for me. Plus dozens of new features of note 3. The design of the note 2 is just so blah. 

  11. I think that both phones are amazing.
    Curently i'm using a note 2 but i'll traid it
    for an iphone 5 in a few weeks. I've had the
    note for a while now and i want to change
    rny phone. I oved the plastic design and
    the big screen in the begining. but now
    want a high quality phone. The glass and
    aluminium design of the iphone 5 is
    perfect. I'm not an android or an apple fan
    don't say that apple sucs and that
    samsung rules. People have different
    opinions. Someone likes a giant.plastic
    phone and someone likes a smaller,
    aluminium one. We shouldn't say bad
    thing to someone that doesen't agree with
    us. We should respect their opinion. Both
    companies are awesome. It's just that
    someone prefers one over the other.
    prefered samsung last year but now i like
    apple more. :)

  12. you're obviously not a fanboy at all, as of course the iphone took better pictures but " it was slower " so the note 2 is better because it was faster by fraction's of a millisecond YOU FUCKING IDOT !!!!! 

  13. I've got a note 2. Should i sell it and buy an iPhone 5? The note is a great device but the plastic design isn't for me and I thought that I would get used to the size but after 6 months I still can't. Those are my main reasons for selling my device. Can somone advise me what to do? Preferably an iPhone 5? Do you have any problems with your phone and how do you like it? Thanks :)

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