Apple introducing Siri for Mac and apps of iOS 10

Apple introducing Siri for Mac and apps of iOS 10

Good news for the ones who want to have their own virtual personal assistant like Siri to be integrated into Mac and various applications designed for iOS 10, according to The Wall Street Journal. Making Siri widely available across multiple devices is supposed to be the “ultimate weapon” of Apple Inc.

The Worldwide Developers Conference took place on Monday where Apple announced its one step closer to artificial intelligence.

Furthermore, iOS developers have also made Siri available for other programmers who may also design specific apps by using Siri’s voice functionality. My god, now I can simply ask Siri to book a flight for me to Venice instead of typing it!
You can also order pizza when a long tiring day simply causes your system to shut down, and even typing becomes the most painful task in the world.

So far, it is quite evident that Siri is going to be Apple’s main weapon to compete in the world of artificial intelligence. All we can do now is wait to find out more regarding what Apple actually decides to do.

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