Apple Byte – The iPhone 6’s “unbreakable” sapphire screen

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Extreme bending and scratch tests shows how unbreakable and unscratchable the iPhone 6’s sapphire front panel proves to be.

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  1. IPhone 6s does not have a sapphire front panel. Even if it did it would be incredibly stupid. Sapphire cleaves easily when dropped, which means big chunks of shattered screen. It's the same problem Corning has with gg3. It doesn't bend or scratch, but if you drop it, it explodes

  2. LOL

    Tobad they are just as breakable as any other screen. Techrax just did a drop test on the 6 and 6plus they shatered like glass. Guess what? 

    Take the nongem quality sapphires that would have been used had apple used the so called sapphire glass on their screens (they did not btw) Grind them to dust mix with the other ingredients for glass heat and make and you get good tempered glass. That sit nothing more just tempered glass. So i really hope you all do not buy the iphone 6 because it has sapphire glass as they only used the glass in the cameras outer most lens cover nothing more. 

  3. How slim do phones really need to be? I would rather have better battery even if it were brick sized. If it can fit easily in my pocket, I don't care.

  4. LOL. "Unbreakable" my ass. There's something called Gorilla Glass that was and still is a better, more affordable and more effective option. What a failed excuse of a reason to up-charge iSheep up the ass with. Nothing new here and no iSheeps, Apple did not invent Sapphire glass. Sapphire glass has been used for 20+ years on high end watches and has been proven to shattered a lot easier than gorilla glass. It's harder for Sapphire Glass to get scratched but easier for it to shatter while Gorilla Glass is the opposite. In the real world, people are not worried about picking up a few scratches through wear and tear, they are worried about a shattered screen.

  5. This is the first time I've heard the term "wall hugger" used in reference to an apple user.  I'm going to LOVE bashing my apple loving friends about that from now on.

  6. everyone i know that doesn't have an I-Phone is always wall hugging. Me and a friend of mine are the only ones with I-Phones and we never have to worry about charging. battery lasts up to two days. just make sure you close your apps.

  7. I'd give up a thinner phone any day for better battery life.  Why is it that Apple still not know what we want.  We want a bigger screen and way long battery life.  I still have my iPhone 4 because I wasn't impressed with what they gave us with the iPhone 5 and then the 5s/5c.

  8. iPhone 6 Specs

    * Apple's iPhone 6 is a Octa core phone, with atleast 4GB ram

    * iPhone 6 is a Dual sim (micro/nano) phone

    * Apple's iPhone 6 is a Water and dust resistant phone with heart rate sensor just like samsung galaxy s5

    * Apple's iPhone 6 will support MicroSD Memory card upto 64GB

    * Bluetooth filesharing and file manager

    * 41 megapixel camera

    * 3000mAh user removable battery and wireless charging

    * Boom sound  dual speakers

    * With OTG (USB keyboard,mouse, printer and flashdrive support)

    * Live wallpapers and floating widgets

    * True multitasking and multiscreen apps support

  9. The battery problem would be easily solved if they FINALLY let you do something soooooo simple. Have a CHANGABLE battery instead of having to take it in store or mail off for a new battery! It's f***ing time!!!

  10. This is so lame. Here are the facts. The average human hand can only apply 100lbs of pressure on average. Gorilla Glass 3 has been proven ti withstand nearly 200Lbs of pressure before it breaks.

    Also, when you drop a phone, the glass breaks, not because it bends; but because of the shock of the drop where the glass can't handle the vibration and the metal being hard also doesn't which sends a shock wave back across the glass and when they meet it causes the glass to shatter.

    Sapphire glass is still glass and ALL GLASS BREAKS NO MATTER WHAT IT IS MADE OF. Also, the iPhone screen isn't even 100% Sapphire which means it is a complete waste of time an money and is nothing more than marketing hype as was Retina Display.

  11. i sorta wish apple stop making it thinner. im happy with the current iphone. if the next iphone stay the same thickness but bigger than they can squeeze it a bigger battery. also sturdier iphone too.

  12. It drives me NUTS how Apple have the best publicists in the world, yet they are getting beaten by Samsung just because they like to pretend to be on a higher level. I mean, why don't they answer fire with even MORE fire. I don't know, an add about how much of a learning curve Android has?

  13. the guy in the video makes it seem that making the phone thin means you can't have a bigger battery and that is simply false. the iPhone battery is 50% the size of the phone. Android phones have physically smaller batteries. Android phone batteries are thinner than the iPhone's own battery. android batteries are wider but much shorter.

    Question for fans, how did Samsung get a 3000+MAH Battery into the Note, But Apple can only get a 1300mah one in their phone? Yet the Note is almost as thin.

    I Mean look at the facts, the iPhone is roughly 6mm thin while the note 3 is 8mm thin. 2mm simply isn't enough to make a battery double the size. it just isn't.

    a smaller battery can have more power by simply packing more layers of cells inside the battery package.

    again ask yourself this, how does the Note 3 with a quadcore cpu, a QUALCOMM 800 gpu, 3gb of ram, more internal storage, external storage capability, a full hd screen and more have better batterylife vs a phone that is 1/2 the size, has 1/2 the resolution, has half the cpu power less ram, less internal storage and less of everything else not last longer?

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