The iPhone 6S reviews are in and an Apple Car in 2019?

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Is the iPhone 6S really the best iPhone ever? It better be. Plus, Apple is driving hard to ship the rumored Apple Car in 2019.

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44 Comments on The iPhone 6S reviews are in and an Apple Car in 2019?

  1. How can CNET Still be uploading these videos at 720p… CNET are a tech review company. You'd think that they would upload videos in 1080p or higher.

  2. I'm in PA So I couldn't get the chance to go to the 6S Launch day because the roads were blocked because of pope….
    And now… (Drum roll please)
    Their sold out!

  3. If an Apple car can honestly compete with Tesla, then I am extremely interested. We'd be looking to get a vehicle like that in the next year or two. Might be willing to hold out a couple years if there's something like that on the horizon.

  4. No, you're right. Apple owners needs to stop taking videos in Portrait Mode. And since Apple loves to lock you down on all aspects of the iPhone, a warning should go out about how NO ONE WANTS TO WATCH YOUR SHIT VIDEO IN PORTRAIT MODE, when you start to rec. in portrait and force you to go landscape.

  5. An apple car is beyond stupid. Meaning a full car. I still can't believe they are going to sell a full car. It's easy to control the whole experience a user has with a phone or a tv, it's something else when they buy a whole car. Apple has always been about the experience.

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