Apple Byte – Is the iPhone 7 getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack?

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A report claims Apple will make Lightning its do-everything port for a slimmer iPhone 7. Rumors point to thinner MacBooks, and our NBA 2K16 giveaway!

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48 Comments on Apple Byte – Is the iPhone 7 getting rid of the 3.5mm headphone jack?

  1. That's it, the final straw, if Apple really does this I'm leaving Apple and going to Android, I've always used iPhones but I can't accept this shit. The reason why Apple wants to have their own proprietary headphone jack is that we can't use third party earphones on our iPhones, and have to buy from Apple all the time and give them money. F*ck you Apple, and congrats Nexus it seems you're about to get a new customer.

  2. Haters when Apple changes something: "WTF? Why would you change that? Are you stupid Apple?"
    Haters when Apple doesn't make changes: "WTF? Where's the innovation Apple? Why are you giving us the same features?"

  3. How much more thin do they want to make it?! Soon you will be able to snap them in half and they will awkward to hold in your hand! Also I like the headphone jack and have no interest in paying hundreds for wireless headphone. Just another device that has to be charged, annoying!

  4. Smartphones don't need a headphone jack since they have bluetooth. Also, that space can allow the battery to be shifted down to place another speaker on the top of the phone for stereo audio.

  5. Wow 1mm, why not just use the space for a slightly bigger battery? And i hate using bluetooth for headphones. Especially when you use multiple devices. The constant un-pairing and re-pairing is annoying. And then sometimes it doesn't connect the first time so you have to forget the device and re-pair. Not only that it drains a little more battery.

  6. If Apple does this, I'm switching my ass back to Android. It'd be so unnecessary to have to spend $40 on an adapter when there's other phones on the market that will enable us to save money by not requiring us to do that.

  7. lol, getting rid of the 3.5mm jack for a slightly thinner phone it's like a car with big wheels and thin tires, you are sacrificing functionality for looks.

  8. Here's an idea Apple, don't make the phone so Fu*king thin so it won't bend, keep the 3.5 mm jack, and MAKE THE BATTERY BIGGER. If it isn't broken, DON'T FIX IT YA TWATS.

  9. I don't understand why Apple is trying to make devices thinner. Will 1mm REALLY make a difference?? I don't care if my device is 1mm thinner! Besides I use Otterbox so my device is thick no matter what. I have a idea for you Apple, why not just make the phone a little bit thicker so you can fit in oh I don't know, a BIGGER BATTERY!!

  10. It's been done before, and no one liked the change…. I think this is a bad Idea…. Look at the first android phone, people quickly switched to phones with a headphone jack.

  11. The current iPhones are already thin enough, we want a bigger battery! I would rather have a damn iPhone 1 mm thicker with MUCH longer battery life and keeping the 3.5mm headphone jack!!! Goodbye the days going to the store and picking up cheap $10 headphones. Unless you want to buy an expensive adapter to make your phone thicker anyway…(spoiler alert, it will be $50 and Apple will not include it) SMH oh well, there will be a billion sales of the iPhone 7 next year no matter what Apple does to it.

  12. I'm an iphone user, if the next iphone pulls this shit for it to be thinner i won't buy that device, simple. I love 3.5mm headphones and I am not buying retarded bluetooth headphones, I don't care for them, done. If people react the same way instead of bending over for apple and its logo, they'll rethink it same way samsung had to reintroduce micro sd support after the backlash it got for removing support for it on the s6 and note 5. Apple is turning into pure garbage if you want my honest opinion.

  13. See the problem here is, you won't be able to listen to music/podcasts and charge at the same time or you'll be forced to charge wirelessly or be forced to use Bluetooth headphones. Wireless charging is slower than charging normally, and in fact isn't 'wireless' since it has to be connected. Also sound quality of Bluetooth headphones are not up to the standered of wired headphones. At the very least Apple give us two lightning cables or a new, smaller jack.

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