Apple Byte – iPhone 7 rumors point to a flush rear camera and all-metal look

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Rumors detail the next iPhone’s design, new iPad Air 3 designs leak and what might the “se” in the iPhone 5se stand for?

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34 Comments on Apple Byte – iPhone 7 rumors point to a flush rear camera and all-metal look

  1. Let's be belatedly honest right here apple are getting way 2 lazy for my liking. Its become so over hyped/ over priced /predictable from the design that's become weak & the leaked pictures. Which has become annual affair joke, it's not even funny anymore. It's just a complete mess from the top down. As a designer I use 2 admire Apple work ethic especially when Steve Jobs was around. I would get so excited about Apple's next B!G move, but no more…Nothing is special about the 'Apple' brand anymore. It's just a real bad apple. Which I refuse to buy into right now. Wake up apple!!!!.

  2. I'm an iPhone and mac user, but I think they should launch a new and fresh iPhone earlier than sept 2016 'cause they are loosing market for Samsung and Android. I'm worried for Apple investors.

  3. when will they put a frigging USB port in the ipad? that's the only reason I don't own one because it's pretty much unless for the type of work I do. sheesh that pro version is so dag on big they know they could've made more that a headphone jack. oh well.

  4. I don't see why everyone wants longer battery life. 7 hours is plenty day to day. If you stare at your phone for over 7 hours a day, you need to look up and make more face to face interactions.

  5. Dude I would love a Apple IPhone I need a phone bad man honestly if your that willing an Good hearted to give 1ne me of many would love it that would actually make this year brighter for me then bad part is I don't even think I'll get 1ne ???

  6. god I can't stand this guy! so annoying and how the fk does he still have his job. he is not only annoying but his lame attempts at humor make it worse! ughhh

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