Apple Byte – Apple releases the fugliest iPhone case you’ve ever seen

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Apple’s live TV service is put on hold. Apple’s new battery case for the iPhone 6 might be smart, but it sure isn’t pretty. Plus, Apple Watch 2 rumors point to March next year.

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34 Comments on Apple Byte – Apple releases the fugliest iPhone case you’ve ever seen

  1. tim cook IS NOT INNOVATIVE and is ruining Apple this disgusting case would've NEVER came out if Steve Jobs was alive tim cook is changing a lot of things at Apple and not for the better I've had an iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4S now the 6 Plus now that I have the 6 plus the OS that are released makes my phone crash and my battery wastes faster and I've heard the same from many people when I got iOS 7 on my iPhone 4S that's when my phone started to crash act slow and my battery used to drain sadly the last good OS I've had was iOS 6 it came out in 2012 and I know Steve Jobs died in 2011 but he had to have worked on it, when Steve Jobs was alive the new OS that would come out and make the phone better and faster not crash get slower and drain my batter same thing goes for my macbook pro I got in 2010 when Steve Jobs alive the OS that would come out would not make my laptop slow or drain my battery yosemite and now el capitan its slow and drains my battery like crazy

  2. FYI, the remote app doesn't allow you to search "apple music" when using it to connect to you mac… can only search or add tracks to play over airplay, that are on you computer, not in iCloud. WHAT A FAIL (bad apple). what is the point of paying for monthly subscription to listen to music, when you can't do it using your iPhone and iTunes….

  3. Hey Brian you didn't mention how crappy the 5c really is, with the screen popping out when dropped or how bad the batteries are.  One other thing, have you noticed that you can't play slow-mo videos from your phone to apple tv.  That deserves a bad apple!

  4. The only reason it's priced so high even though it works less efficient is because they put a apple logo on it like with Nike for example if you took the Nike symbol off the shoe it would go down over $50

  5. (Q): what the hell is stopping Apple enabling their watches from being able to directly make and receive calls? I've owned various cheap Chinese ebay phone watches with sim slots that make and receive totally respectable call quality!
    The answer is that if Apple enabled calls on their watches, you wouldn't have to rely or bother to need an iPhone?

  6. The only Apple product I own is iPad 3, the battery on this device is awesome. When ever my friends brag about the processors and how fast their iPhones are, I bother and show them the iOS battery Geekbench.
    Apple really needs a miracle for the iPhone batteries!!

  7. ifk y everyone's hating, if its from apple you're gonna buy it, i give it to them if they had a lemonade stand they would shut Starbucks down people would give up on coffee and drink lemonade. then Samsung would build a lemonade stand 5 months later

  8. What's the point of having the camera sticking out, the external battery and soon the external headphone jack?
    Apple should make the iPhone 6F where F stands for fat, put everything inside and give me a phone that can last 3 days straight without charge.

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