Apple brings a new way to unlock your MacBook Pro

Apple brings a new way to unlock your MacBook Pro

Apple has mesmerized its fans with some great announcements in the latest WWDC, such as bringing Siri for Mac and apps of iOS 10, unveiling macOS 12 and so much more. However, one of the announcements could just blow your mind if you’re a MacBook Pro user. It’s a brand new way to unlock your Mac. With this new feature, you don’t need to type your long boring password thousands of time just to unlock your Mac, instead, it will be automatically unlocked if you’re wearing an Apple Watch.

Apple mentioned this feature would work with your iPhone too, without telling exactly how it would do it. Well, the answer is Touch ID. You can unlock your Apple Watch with your iPhone using Touch ID when you’re wearing it. And it will remain unlocked as long as the watch is on your wrist. The Apple Watch senses if you remove it from your wrist and get locked immediately. Apple didn’t mention it because the only way to ensure that someone else isn’t bringing your iPhone next to your Mac is touch ID. Your Mac can Auto Unlock once your phone is unlocked.

There’s also a rumor that Apple may introduce a new MacBook Pro shortly that could come with a slimmer body. All those USB port, thunderbolt port, and HDMI port could be replaced by the new USB-C port. Besides the slim design and latest Intel processors, the new MacBook Pro could also feature a Touch ID sensor. Also, it could feature a tiny OLED touchscreen above your keyboard thanks to a new, smaller metal-injection-molded hinge.

These are some great features coming to the next MacBook Pro. Particularly, the software announcement is quite encouraging for the Apple users.


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