Apple Announces New iOS 9 Details – IGN News

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At its Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, Apple shared new details on iOS 9, the next update to the operating system powering the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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48 Comments on Apple Announces New iOS 9 Details – IGN News

  1. Ya umm I still have an iPhone 4s and I'm kinda like barley holding on with all these updates and stuff… Really thinking about grabbing me an andriod phone… Lol idk tho 

  2. Guys, my friend is an app dev and he gets to BETA test the new updates. The only new features worth noting are the new animations of choosing apps to close and the battery life bar is orange. Thanks Apple for changing that, it was messing with me. -_-

  3. Trololol check out all the butthurt lagdroid fanboys in the comments who can't accept the fact that Apple is way more successful even more so despite its lack of features.

  4. Finally gonna upgrade my 4S when the new Iphone releases
    Apple products are very expensive but they are also durable. Never failed me
    Also got a Galaxy S5 but it's lagging like hell even when disabling bloatware, screw you Android

  5. I don't get get the war between apple and android. I have an android phone and an iPad Air 2. But I gotta say, the iPad is much higher quality. And android copy the shit out of everything Apple do.

  6. "Extend battery life". Yeah, sounds great and all, but I'll believe it when I see it. Until then, I'm calling: bullshit.

    And 9? IOS 9? LOL. We don't even have 8.4 yet. The general public consumer like me still have 8.3. And I constantly check for updates every single day and…Nothing.

  7. I'm a fan of android but I can tell that IOS is better than Android (When it comes to hardware) cause the iPhone 3Gs has only 256mb RAM and 800mhz CPU but faster than most of the 512mb and 1Ghz RAM Android devices. The only disadvantage from IOS is the price and limitations (Even when jailbroken).

  8. I love how all the comments are from Samsung fanboys who are butt hurt that Apple is way better and therefore sells triple the Samsung phones, so they have to comment in order to feel better about themselves is how I feel.

  9. I used to bash Apple a lot, but they grew on me.  I plan on my next cell phone being an iPhone, I hope to get an iPad, and I already have the iPod.  I LOVE how slim and beautiful the phones and tablets are, I love their emojis, and their app store is perfection.

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