AnTuTu Benchmark Test on HTC 826 | Full Specs

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In this video we have tested the overall performance of HTC Desire 826 with the help of Antutu Benchmark Test app. This smartphone is leading over 99% smartphones of the world. This phone is best in gaming and graphics.

13 Comments on AnTuTu Benchmark Test on HTC 826 | Full Specs

  1. I have bought this mobile few days before.. Mobile awesome but need one small confirmation.. When screen is off I see lines(vertical and horizontal).. is it because it has 401 ppi? Please help soon.

  2. mr. ashutosh.. gaming and camera review video will be uploaded soon.
    And htc 826 has great processor and 4 times faster than Htc 820. but the battery life of htc 826 is less than htc 820

  3. Few question please answer it will help to purchase it
    1.Is this device have gorilla screen
    2. Is this device heats up will playing games as Snapdragon 615 chip set heat very high on other devices like htc desire 820, yu yureka
    3. Rear camera quality good or average

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