Another Apple Car Secret Has Burst Out

Another Apple Car Secret Has Burst Out

One after another Apple’s car secrets are coming out to the public. Recently Reuters has filed a report on its site that Apple is apparently in talks with organizations who build the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging, and is examining the whole process of electric vehicle charging and employing engineers who are skilled in the field.

However, it is not clear whether Apple would wish to use its own innovation, or for example, Tesla Motors’ Supercharger.


Reuters contacted with numerous charging station suppliers to know whether any dealing matters had been made with Apple, but unfortunately no companies came forward with a positive answer.

It is not the first time Apple’s automobile project has come up, there are plenty of evidences like Apple’s iCar project group in Germany, which is composed of young auto industry specialists, Apple is developing its auto car project in a building in Sunnyvale, California, America, where residents complained about a verbose they used to hear during midnight.

It may be a unique idea that Apple is going to apply for a self-driving electric vehicle, and if Apple makes this dream true then it must be another revolution for automobile’s platform, it also will be a huge advantage for car owners like no more waiting on the long queue to fill up the fuel and the cost will be cheap compared with fuel, obviously, consumers can save the time if it really happens.


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