Android Wear tips and tricks (featuring LG’s G Watch)

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We check out Google’s Android Wear OS for smart watches: how to set it up, the best features and apps, and how to download more apps, plus a look at the LG G Watch.

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6 Comments on Android Wear tips and tricks (featuring LG’s G Watch)

  1. I got an LG G Watch but I'm gonna flip it on ebay, just trying it out.  All it does it show you notifications, there really isn't much to it, and the fact that you can't answer calls with it is a huge disadvantage.

  2. I saw two things wrong with your video. 1) to change the settings you don't have to press the rest pin on the back of the G watch. When you tap the watch or do a "OK Google", then instead of saying a command, just scroll down to the settings option. 2) you can initiate navigation right from the watch without using the phone. Just do a "OK Google, navigate to 'destination'". 

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