Android Wear comes to iOS

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It’s the week of the smart watch. Google brings its smart watch platform to iOS, the new Moto360 gets leaked out even more, and the Huawei Watch is a beauty.

20 Comments on Android Wear comes to iOS

  1. It´s funny how everyone here tries to defend samsung by pointing out Apple`s flaws. the phone letting you insert the s pen backwards IS a design flaw guys, as well as the iphone being able to bend. So, stop pointing other phones flaws we´re talking about samsung here.

  2. How the hell is it a design flaw? If you put a pencil eraser-end first into a pencil sharpener, the eraser will get destroyed. Yet it'll be the pencil sharpener's fault, right?

  3. A flaw is a flaw regardless of who is the company that didn't foresee it. Samsung need to do something about it, not just put it in the user manual. Its a phone, nobody reads the manual.

    At least if you had a bent iPhone and took it to the Apple Store, in most cases they would replace your phone for you. Will Samsung replace the phone, or at least remove the pen and repair the sensor? That is left to be seen.

  4. That is what I mean about Samsung, they are listening to their own hype way too much. This phone has so many reasons not to buy it and now this attitude from the company? Who needs it, I know I don't.

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