Android User Switches to the iPhone 6s: Mistake?

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I spent about 2 weeks using an iPhone 6S in tandem with my other review device. While I’m still an Android user full time, I wasn’t disappointed.

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43 Comments on Android User Switches to the iPhone 6s: Mistake?

  1. 3d Touch? Seriously? Nova has it for years. Android has it also… For instance, Long press over wifi icon in the notification bar to change the Hotspot. It's has it? No.

  2. I switched from a Samsung Galaxy s5 to an iPhone 6s… only had it for 5 hours and I am fed up and emotionally wrecked. I have scratches on my arms from how frustrated I got.. safe to say, android is the one for me.

  3. Heads Up: The Instagram peek demonstrated here is already there on the Android app as well. Except that it doesn't jump in to the image after holding it for longer.

  4. i'm an android fanboy for sure…Just can't beat the amount of customization that phones like my Galaxy S6 have to offer. I just love hearing people say "Dang I wish the iPhone could do that.

  5. I'm in the opposite boat, hardcore iphone user just until last week but sick and tired of lack of Jailbreak. Got an S7, rooted and installed Xposed, never could be happier. I'd much prefer an external slot, waterproof phone, with amoled screen and a 3000mah battery over an iphone anyday. It's gotten to a point where my loyalty in Apple feels betrayed, and I'm actually angry at them.

  6. 16gb is more than enoungh for the average user, if you snap the odd pic and the odd video now and then its fine, Ive got all i require on my 6s atm and ive still got 8gb left, Dont forget icloud gives you 5gb, google drive 5gb, microsoft onedrive 15gb!, if you need more than 16gb then your phone is just crammed with shit that could of been easily transfered to laptop pc anyway.

  7. After hearing about praises about Ios and Apple. I decided to give a shot to Ios, switched to Ios from Android and bought an Iphone 6s (128gb) with very high expectations. I have gone with the highest memory option. Because, these phones do not support micro sd cards and I thought with Android logic. It opens the games or apps very fast. I appreaciate it. It opens at least 2 faster than my oId Android phone (Lg G3). No lags when using very heavy conditions, I really liked it. But…After using it for a while, I am very disappointed. I do not know where to start. But let's start with the Itunes dependency. I really hated being forced send my files from my pc to iphone only with itunes or other itunes based programs. Android was really good and easy with it, just drag and drop (create folders, name them, put documents into them etc.). For instance, I added some of my photos into my iphone with itunes (sync), they have been sent and then I decided to add some more, but the old ones have been deleted and newer ones added (So we have to add all of them at one time). I was really ** off, why do they have to make just storaging photos so hard? Other than that I really like watching Tv series and movies (I download and watch them at nights when I am at work because I both study and work). But my iphone does not support even most common video formats like flv, avi etc . On my Android no matter what just drag and drop, every video can be watched without problem. There are just too much limitations, making ringtones is very hard, cutting the music on itunes, changing its format into AAC and then changing its format m4r again and then adding it into the ringtones. I could do these process just with 2 click on my Android phone. I could use my Android phone as hard disc, but doing the same thing with my iphone is imposible. I can't use my bluetooth with non iphones… I am having trouble with connecting wireless networks which has no password… There are no themes… There are many boring things like them. I got bored to see those walls when I want to do something with my iphone. All I want is freedom just as in Android. I want to use my phone as hard disc without needing other programs like itunes. These technologies are supposed to ease our lives. But unfortunately Ios does not do it for me..

  8. 3D Touch is a MUCH bigger deal on iOS than Android. While Android could use such a feature, it has the long press already and information, which accomplishes much of what the 3D Touch has been used for, and its back button is in the same place no matter which app you use, so unlike in iOS, there's no hunting for the back button in any app, let alone all of them.

  9. lets wait few more months and see the new 7 series. Android is much less restricted then apple products, but is full of bugs that google try to fix, but for my experience they fix something and at same time mess sometime also,. With android you got more choices, with Android you can do more with your phone, oh I'm sorry I said phone! We don't carrie phone with us, we do carries mini laptop. Everybody is adficted to compare phones but they ALL have fogatten how to review a phone! main thing fir me git be the earpiece/speakerphone maximum volume, how is the vibration of a ringtones or a sms etc, etc. what are the ringtones that come with phone, how the phone is comfortable to the ear for long phone conversation. its all about sd 820 super screen, but then the earpiece of a lg g5(tested) at max volume its cracking!!! what?! I own a s7 nothing better then the Samsung s6, it lags, freeze up, camera its good but in a shirk 4:3 ratio give far scenery messy contrast that you can't see clear, of couse has good thing stuff in it, but I can't ear phone a call in a milder environment, so iphone or android ir apple is no that big difference, that's up to you to decide what kind potable mini lsptop you want to carrie! Me still looking for future phone, that will give you a home phone quality and clarity. then a "laptop" compressed in it!! Very good video man, kerp doing what you do…..

  10. I moved from android to iOS to have access to some games faster. Also getting podcast through the podcast app is a lot better. Better app stability so your phone doesn't feel like its on fire ever game you play… And really good battery life from the low specs lol I also do like the simplicity of the OS… But I do miss androids customization and file system.

  11. 3D touch is a big deal. Its nice to see companies developing new features for mobile devices. It can only get better from here as App developers continue to adapt 3d touch.

    Also, the 6S and 6S+ are very durable phones. In some drop tests, it fared much better than the S7, although the S7 is water-resistant. Frankly though, you are more likely to drop your phone on the ground than get it wet.

  12. Personally i feel is overhyping… Am using it on iPhone 6s… N don't find it too exciting. Yes they're are fewer apps, but even then one had to remember which all had 3d touch and which doesn't… N it kinda irritates me… When i go trying 3d touch on apps which don't support it

  13. I went to Best Buy to switch to iOS, and the 3D touch isnt that big deal , I mean its not working all the time I mixed it with press and Hold , which it seems like Pess and Hold to me instead of 3D touch. And ITS SUPER EXPENSIVE WOW.
    P.S. iphone looks Good but still un-customizable. you will stuck on the same icons , launcher etc.

  14. 3D touch is just a excuse for a lazy person not to open an app. Seriously, how long does that really take? My Samsung S6 Active has quick charge and water/dust/shock resistance. Things that really matter on a smartphone.

  15. Dude go fuck yourself using 3D touch. No one uses or cares about it. Some don't even know if it's there. We only get to know this from idiot apple users who try to justify others as to why and how they wasted their money.

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