Android Tips & Tricks – Internet Sharing Trick. [Create a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot]

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Now you can share your Android phone’s internet connection with other wifi enabled phones and laptop through “portable wifi hotspot”.
Here’s a quick demonstration on how to do it. I’ve shared a internet connection Karbonn A9+ with my Samsung galaxy Y smartphone over wifi hotspot

The comment box is open for questions/queries/doubts/suggestions. Feel free to ask.

23 Comments on Android Tips & Tricks – Internet Sharing Trick. [Create a Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot]

  1. Hi Choi.
    Make sure that Internet connection on your Samsung S Duos is working (Is activate by service provider) & make sure you have ticked the packet data in Settings >Mobile network> Use packet data (This path is from Galaxy Y, something similar would be there in S Duos as well).
    Keep me in loop once you are done.

  2. Hi. My phone model is a Samsung S Duos and it also have this portable wifi. I followed your instructions but it seems that my phone's portable wifi can be found and I connected my other phone to it. But the problem is, I can't use it's internet connection. Can you help me with it. Thanks.

  3. You need an Internet connection in one of the phones. You can share that internet in one phone with other.
    If your service provider charges you for internet services, then you got to pay for one connection.

  4. Ofcourse you need to load your simcard or else how would you use internet in your phone! Activate your data pack (internet connection) on your simcard and share it with another phone.

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