Android Studio for Experts (Android Dev Summit 2015)

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Android Studio has a range of features that target experienced developers. In this video Xavier and Tor take an in-depth look into some of the advanced features of Android Studio and give us some new productivity tips to help in app development.

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25 Comments on Android Studio for Experts (Android Dev Summit 2015)

  1. Awesome talk.
    I don't know if Google devs read the comments here, but I have a question. Are there any plans to add a database tool (for viewing the content and running queries on the app's database) and JSON support for the editor?
    Both these features are present in IDEA Ultimate (the DB plugin doesn't work well with Android though), and since you've already brought in the structural replace (it's not an IDEA Community feature), if you could look into JSON and DB support, it would be super awesome.

  2. For a little more productivity boost, change your fori live template to this:
    for(int $INDEX$ = 0, size = $iterable$.size(); $INDEX$ < size; $INDEX$++) {
    $TYPE$ $VAR$ = $iterable$.get($INDEX$);
    where $TYPE$ expression is guessElementType(iterable) and check skip if defined and $VAR$ expression is suggestFirstVariableName()

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