Android N: Worth the Install? (Developer Preview)

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We’ve been using Android N for about a week now. Is it stable enough to use as your daily driver?


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20 Comments on Android N: Worth the Install? (Developer Preview)

  1. Question: In Android N, are the "Privacy" settings same as in Marshmallow, or can i set "per app permissions" with more granular level of control, similar to CM 13.
    As you might know, in Cyanogen OS 13 or CyanogenMod 13 the "Privacy Guard" feature has been there for quite some time. Later it was introduced with Google's stock Marshmallow, at which point i was already used to the awesome CM PrivacyGuard features with give you quite the level of control, as compared to anything else i have seen.

    When i reviewed the permissions in Marshmallow, i was surprised it is less granular then third party PrivacyGuard. Regardless, wonder if there is little bit more of control in Android N, or if it's the same old same old (a.k.a "hey you the owner, you are not your smartphone administrator, we are!!!")?

    Would be nice if you focused on it a little more in next video, or in the nearby future.

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