Android N: Walkthrough of 15+ Features

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Google recently surprised us by releasing the Android N Developer Preview, which includes improved notifications, split-screen multitasking, an improved settings app, and more. Here’s a look at some of those new features in action.

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36 Comments on Android N: Walkthrough of 15+ Features

  1. The split screen is on my S3 which came out in 2012, so to me and a lot of Galaxy users it`s just meh. Is it me or new versions of android are coming out too fast, i just have a feeling that android M hasn`t really reached its users and yet there is already a new version to be released soon.

  2. Weird…normally I think that Oxygen OS (which I'm stuck with until the fingerprint API on my 1+2 updates to M) is a worse version, but we've had re-arranging the quick-widgets (in notifications) and customizing bottom buttons for a while now…you've got one thing right oneplus I guess?

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