Android N vs Windows 10 Mobile Feautures, Comparison, Overview

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A quick overview between Google’s upcoming Android N and Microsoft’s current latest OS Windows 10 for Phones. Both are running under preview program, hence it will be great to see what are the features and similarity between them. What are the unique features that they have in their OS.

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19 Comments on Android N vs Windows 10 Mobile Feautures, Comparison, Overview

  1. Both os-es are nice. I currently use WM10. Just cause of concept. All in one place. But also android N looks sleek and nice, only too much of things that i dont acc use..But i think there is no incapable os today. All of them can do pretty much everything. Just fan of WM10 tiles and minimalism/flat.

  2. Does anyone have the problem of darkening of photos in lumia 640 xl . The photos look good while processing but the photos come dark after processing . Does anyone have any solutions .plz reply

  3. why I feel you're supporting android in this video. A lot of things can be done from the lock screen from app drawer in windows 10 mobile. There is a all apps screen too but you didn't mention it here.

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