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Thanking of flashing that BETA version of Android N?
Want to know if stable enough to use as a daily driver?
What has changed since the newest update?

Here i showcase whats fixed or not after the first OTA update

Please watch: “Android Nougat 7.0 and HTC Nexus Rumors”

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17 Comments on ANDROID N UPDATE 1.0

  1. How has your battery been? I am thinking about trying N. This would be on my daily driver (nexus 6p) as well. I was trying to hold off for a few updates. After watching your video I might just do it. What do you think?

  2. for you tube issue where video stops when you click on the other app in side by side mode, maybe that's part of the whole things where youtube doesn't want people to keep hearing the audio when the screen is off or when switching apps, unless you subscribe to youtube red that is. maybe the app is confused when it's side by side with another app, and it still thinks you are leaving youtube so it stops the video. not sure if youtube will fix it for side by side mode or if you will still need youtube red to continue playing and hearing youtube videos. only time will tell.

  3. YouTube pausing whenever you are away from it's window is actually normal and isn't a bug. it's the same way when using multi window on a Samsung device. if you have Facebook messenger chat heads turned on then opening a chat head while watching a YouTube video will pause it.

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