Android N Rumors and MacBook Pro Redesign

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On this week’s episode of Ask the Buffalo, Jon talks about HTC’s future, Apple’s MacBook lineup and what he thinks about the Galaxy S7.

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50 Comments on Android N Rumors and MacBook Pro Redesign

  1. Why tf do some of you want a 4k/5k screen on a macbook pro? A 13/15 inch laptop doesn't need such a high pixel density…You can't even see a single pixel on the retina display the MacBooks have right now..

  2. Nah, the M10 is gonna be the nail in HTCs coffin. Since they removed BoomSound there is absolutely nothing that makes the phone special anymore… great idea, HTC… amazing idea! 🙁

    Guess I'll have to stick with my M9 until some other company makes a non-phablet phone with dual front-facing speakers (glancing towards the Alcatel Idol 4….)

  3. I don't like that you put the unboxing and 48 hours out and the review in the same day. Kinda doesn't make sense. I am still going to watch it though because I am addicted to mobile tech videos.

  4. What's the big deal about losing the app drawer on the google now launcher? It's as if Nova Launcher doesn't exist… lol I don't get why people are freaking out. Can someone explain? Are we suddenly in iOS? I mean, the worst thing that will happen is people switch launchers haha… Or I just can't see the big deal.

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