Android N Preview Tour (Part 2!)

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In part 2 of our Android N preview, we take a look at the updated System UI Tuner, Data Saver, display size adjusting, night mode, and more.

26 Comments on Android N Preview Tour (Part 2!)

  1. I think the Android OS updates should be downloadable from the Google Play Store, because that's something that most Android phones have access to, regardless of skins.

  2. You guys didn't show the quick toggle between recent apps. When you do a double tap on the recent apps button, it switches back and forth between the last app and your current app.

  3. so I guess we gonna pretend that Samsung didn't start multi window in 2012 with the galaxy note 2, which other phalets including apples ios9 now uses which is now native on Android N? there's so many features that Samsung pioneered that they don't get credit for

  4. I'm gonna have to watch a bunch of Android N videos, because everyone is covering a little something the other did not. For example, that magnifying feature. Good job. No hate towards the others, but why make a video on something and you only show the most obvious stuff that we can see in a written article or tweet.

  5. Android needs to make adjustments for zero rated apps in their data counter. If I were to watch several hours of Go90 videos (and I don't), I would ultimately lose all the accuracy in my counter.

    For large families sharing a data bucket this is a big deal. We it was myself and seven other family members I used the limit data feature to keep the younger users from gobbling up all our data.

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