Android N Preview – Nexus 6P

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If you want to download Android N OTA (over the air), go here to enroll your device.

Sorry about all the microphone issues in the video, I need to figure out if it’s gone bad because it’s acting real sensitive lately.

40 Comments on Android N Preview – Nexus 6P

  1. Just got a Nexus 6p. Should I get the developer preview for it? I'm having flashbacks to my Windows phone when i went from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, which destroyed the phone.

  2. the system ui tuner should have a desktop mode where it revolved around more clicking and less dragging (maybe a scrollbar on the side of pages , a way to unlock besides sliding up, etc)

  3. Jerome Ortega
    Thanks for your video
    If i update my phone with the developer version i recieve the officil android N version when it release ?
    Can i go back to android M if i want to ?

  4. I'm switching from an iPhone 6 Plus back to android and I'm getting the 6p really thought about the s7 edge but I've been burned to many times by Samsungs horrible updates so I'm going stock!! What u think?

  5. I downloaded it!! I really like the idea of the split screen! but already had a problem with it. I was stuck on the split screen with fb on the top frozen. also couldn't make it bigger or smaller. restarting helped. can't wait to see if it gets better!!

  6. do you still have to wipe your phone if your switching back to M from N. even if it is ota? also do you think you could do update videos for N to see if the bugs affect your phone more, after extended heavy use. (thinking of getting N on my 6p but I might wait for a more stable beta)

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