Android N Preview 3 – Check out what’s new!

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We go hands-on with Android N Developer Preview 3. See what’s new in our latest video.

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42 Comments on Android N Preview 3 – Check out what’s new!

  1. Google designs android with only geeks and nerds in mind. 10 years from now, android will be too complex for common people. A phone is supposed to be simple, to make things easier, not to complicate it year after year.

  2. I'll wait for Nexus 2016. Definition of patience: Hanging onto a phone worth $1000 cdn BNIB, AND STILL NOT HAVE MARSHMALLOW 13 months later!!! That is the last time I purchase a non-TV Samsung product, ever. Hated the Tab 3 tablet I returned < 25 hours later. VERY unimpressed with Samsung's ability to toss last year's S6 buyers under the bus and focus 99% on the S7 twins < a year after my 4 digit purchase in 2015. My Nextbit Robin, a 2015 mid ranger, got Marshmallow 6.0.1 update less than 6 months after its friggin release!!

    Lesson: Google will soon surpass Apple's lead in showcasing what controlling hardware and software will mean for customer retention and loyalty. Samsung had their chance, with more money that most countries make, and still couldn't do it. Gotta give it to Apple here: they don't piss around with annual or longer software updates. In two years: it'll be Nexus vs Iphone for top spot, going all 12 rounds. Lumia? sharing a spot in the unemployment line with Saitiya Nadella. Galaxy? relegate itself to mass marketed cheap and disposables to compete with China. LG? Gone. Sony Xperia = Sony what? HTC? Google's answer to FoxConn/Apple. Everyone else? Crushed.

    GO Android!

  3. Hi TechnoBuffalo, What do you think if a new feature can be added to Android N for navigating in apps or through multi tasking tray (Horizontally) by sliding the finger over soft keys area from left to right or vice versa.
    For example, when we click on multi window button(Square shape) all the apps appear, so rather moving with finger we can slide over the soft keys area to go through the list. May be if not this feature can be used for navigating web pages, dial log, messages etc….What do you say ………….thanks

  4. Have it installed on my Nexus 5X which is my primary device. There's some bugs and glitches and the battery seems to act a bit weird sometimes. It did randomly freeze and restart outta nowhere once but I don't think I have to uninstall yet.

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