Android N new features explained!

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​We explain the best new features in Android N. Will it be Android 7.0 Nutella? Nougat? Neapolitan?​ Who knows, but one thing we do know is that its new features rock. The operating system now offers split-screen multitasking, an improved Doze mode, better notifications and quick-toggles to name a few cool features. What do you think? Let us know what you think of Android N in the comments section below.

18 Comments on Android N new features explained!

  1. They need to sort out their updates I've just got marshmallow for my S6 but so many people are still waiting yet Android N is already out on beta, this just would not happen with Apple or my god even Windows

  2. From now on I'm only getting Nexus. My LG G3 is stuck on 5.0 lollipop and is very slow and very hot at times. It just decides to turn itself off as well. It wasn't a cheap phone so it shouldn't be so bad.

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