Android N is here – Check out what’s new! (Developer Preview)

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Google on Wednesday released the first developer preview for Android N and it includes a lot of pretty big changes.

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31 Comments on Android N is here – Check out what’s new! (Developer Preview)

  1. Pause at 0:50 ! everything is out of focus it's so infuriating! what's the point? I hate this overuse of camera effects. and you can see this throughout the video. I'm a huge fan of technobuffalo but this is not good camera work.

  2. hi john
    i have a oneplus one and is still running android 5.1.1,so will oneplus be releasing an update to marshmallow for oneplus one or do i only get it through installing roms.
    And keep going guyzz… a great video once more… good job guyz!!!

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