Android N FreeForm Window Mode for Multitasking

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The Android N Developer Preview has a freeform window mode that is disabled by default. I enabled it and show it off in this video!
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44 Comments on Android N FreeForm Window Mode for Multitasking

  1. The video stopped because it went into background mode. I would suspect that if you were using YouTube Red the audio would have continued, even if the video still did stop.

  2. I think this will let Google replace Chrome OS with Android for laptops / hybrid tablets. Very promising. The Pixel C would be a lot more useful with this functionality. Interesting that it doesn't show the home screen as a kind of "desktop" at all.

  3. The Youtube video pauses when is no more the active window because the default behavior of multiwindow apps: the application doesn't stop, but pause, and by now YT pause the video when app is paused.

  4. YouTube stopping is not RAM related, it's because it thinks it's lost focus and so it stops the video. Get YouTube Red and it will continue the audio when it loses focus.

  5. Don't think those issues have anything to do with RAM management. Looks more like the safety Google has built into YouTube that also stops video's from playing in the background when switching apps…

  6. Hey Tim. I think video playback problems are related to the current 'bug' found in the preview that prevents any sort of video playback when in split screen. Once they correct that bug, free form probably will work a whole lot better.

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