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– Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile updates for WP8.1 phones look on-target for arrival tomorrow
– PlayStation VR to come in October at $399
– Apple could beat expectations for iPhone sales and overall revenue this quarter after all
– Tipster tells of iPhone SE 4K video recording
– Android N is dubbed New York Cheesecake internally, which means nothing
– Android N multi-window support docs tease free-floating “freeform” mode

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile update for existing devices in the market. Then we discuss the…

29 Comments on Android N floating windows, iPhone SE 4K video & more – Pocketnow Daily

  1. "Android tablets have never really sold well" ? WHAT? I'm interested to know what data are you basing this comment on? 'Floating windows make Android like what Chrome OS always should have been' ? Come on Jaime – Chrome OS can float windows! right now Android cannot even come close to performing like Chrome OS. Those of us that use both constantly know this.

  2. Samsung's touchwiz has been doing most of these Android N "new" features for years now.(floating windows, split view, quick settings, etc). But it's not until Apple does them on IOS 9, that we see any implementation by Google.

  3. Yes it would, you can do so much more in android in a lot shorter time, to add a decent keyboard and floating windows for short productivity sessions would be great

  4. Floating windows on Android are the future, they need to make this, millions of companies out there could benefid from using android as a work driver instead of windows. Flash it and on a usb sized pc and you wont need that clumsy desktop most workspaces still have. They could blow windows continuum feature out of the water.

    BUT. Since its google, theyll tease us, create it, make a good product and only release it in the US/Canada (android tv), then thell stop giving a damn about a project that couldve been great and eventually close it, like always.

  5. it will be great bcoz every time switching the window or putting the windows in specific space is don't give that much freedom for multitasking… so if it is perfect & powerfull…then why not.. 😀 ?

  6. Why limit floating windows to tablets?
    I have a 6" phone; why can't I use that feature that a 7" tablet has?

    Floating windows could work for really small apps such as calculator, clock, notes … and other apps could be designed with really small windows such as YouTube, maps, mail, browser

  7. the iPad is pretty much a larger iPhone which is sad. with floating Windows it will give the Android tablets an edge over its phones. phones are now large so tablets need to stand out more.

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