Android N First Impressions

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Now that Android 6.0 Marshmallow is running on 2.3% of devices, it’s time for us to start talking about the next version of Android – Android “N”. Marshmallow was released in October 2015, but the Developer Preview of that version (Android “M”) was first unveiled in May 2015 at the Google I/O conference. Just as before, we don’t know what Android “N” will be called when it’s released, but in the meantime we’ve got our first taste of Google’s newest mobile OS.

Initial thoughts & how to go back to Marshmallow

This is very much a developer preview and isn’t meant to be used on your everyday phone. Most of the changes are iterative, but welcome. The new “Doze on the go” improvements sound interesting and promising, but will take some time for us to determine whether or not they live up to the promises.

Potential privacy concerns aside, we really like the system-wide data saver feature. Also, the…

44 Comments on Android N First Impressions

  1. Split screen is not on the Nexus Player, at least in the preview. Also it is still slow, youtube couldn't log into my account. The settings screen only uses half of the screen leaving the other half empty. Other than that, its not really that bad.

  2. Why dies tere have to be a new version of android every other week like wtf spread it out a few years its just to get peoole buying new phones so they can use a new os that is not even that different same problem with ios thats why i use amazon fire phone lol jk but seriously soread it out at least a year apart 

  3. Dude! i'm still running on Lollipop, waiting for SONY lunch Marshmallow on my phone lol & You're talking about N?!?
    I'm not gonna watch this video i'm so outta here…

  4. 2.5% have the latest version of android 6.0 while everyone else is barely getting 5 lollipop. New phones are shipping with 6.0 out of the box and 7.0 has already been announced. Guess how long the new phones might get 7.0. And then in a few months 8.0 will be announced. We need our devices to get the latest updates faster google, not making more versions of android.

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