Android N Developer Preview Review!

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Google has released images for the Android N developer preview! Here is everything that is new to the OS and some cool changes.
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47 Comments on Android N Developer Preview Review!

  1. I just signed up for the beta and N downloaded last night to my 6P. my folders are the same from 6.x and I don't have any color adjustment options so no dark theme me. :(

  2. quick reply option and expanding the items in notification bar already exist in windows 10 phone. and black and white background option is there in windows phone since a long time now.. why doesnt the presenter tell this to the audience.. !!

  3. Cool , I am gonna make my next cm theme look like this ….. if any one want it , you can find it on my channel in few days….
    you can subscribe & wait , enjoy my other hacks ;)

  4. Every version gets more bland and boring than the last.

    They really need a UI change, make things sleek, colourful and snappy. Enough of this boring grey borders and windows.

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