Android N Developer Preview… Review

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Google has released the Android N Developer Preview for early adopters who are willing to tinker with this early version to test on their devices. You have to manually flash the Android N in order to install it on your device (only recent Nexus devices), but the changes are quite impressive: a brand new notifications system and improved settings system.

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22 Comments on Android N Developer Preview… Review

  1. 1. It is amazing really, how they finally added the Search option to Settings menu of the phone (borrowed from Win10 Mobile OS).
    2. Also amazing negative thing is that YouTube app doesn't look like that it will ever have the option to play videos when it is pushed to background… so we can surf, play games, etc… and listen to music or vids. That just sucks…

  2. Shit..!! Damn..!! It's Really Cool Fluid Animation UI..!!

    You know, I tried to make Android N UI for Android 5.1.1 Lollipop.. But after saw this review video, I think I'll give up 'cause I can't make that Cool Fluid Animation UI.. :3 -_-

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