Android N Developer Preview – Hands On!

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Hello Everyone!

While I’m waiting for new devices to come in (I hate waiting!) I thought you might like to know about the developer version of Android N and what you can expect.

I APOLOGISE for all the the umms, errs, and stops, I’m not great at talking while filming, I’d usually write a script but I wanted you to see this nice and early!

If you have a Nexus device you can opt in to the over-the-air update here:

However if you opt out you’ll have to go back to the stable release which means losing all your data! (You don’t loose any data by upgrading)

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  1. I have an IPhone 6 Plus and used to be on Android for a long time. Android N has me wanting to come back to Android. Would you recommend the 6P over the IPhone?

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