Android N developer preview first look

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Google surprised everybody with a new version of Android. We tested out multitasking, the new settings, and much more.

Dieter Bohn:
Mark Linsangan:


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44 Comments on Android N developer preview first look

  1. I don't know it looks so bad and I mean it literally "looks" bad. I mean look at apple, the os looks so visually appealing. even windows 10 mobile looks so sleek and stylish, android n looks very clumsy and boring however I am sure it has a lot of amazing features they just need to work on the look

  2. Cool , I am gonna make my next cm theme look like this ….. if any one want it , you can find it on my channel in few days….
    you can subscribe & wait , enjoy my other hacks ;)

  3. Looks like Samsung have been ahead of the curve on quite a few of those new features you've highlighted. The quick settings icons, the long press on those icons to go directly to settings, multitasking…

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