Android N Developer Preview: First Look on a Nexus 5X!

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31 Comments on Android N Developer Preview: First Look on a Nexus 5X!

  1. Preview image for General Mobile 4G is up as well. Probably when there is a bit more time ( Easter weekend 🙂 ) I'll put it on the Wileyfox Swift for kicks :)

  2. Hi, Jordan.
    I've just opted-in for the Beta Program, and Google proposes me to update my Nexus 5X OTA right now. So, could you please make a little review of Android N after several days of usage? Or at least write a little bit about your own experience? I really want to upgrade, but I'm hesitating, because, you know, it's my daily driver, and though there are no critical bugs described, I'm a little concerned.

  3. sigh so it appears my Nexus 5 won't get Nut..meg or whatever heh. Bah… If it did, I'd multirom this in a heartbeat like with Marshmallow Preview Builds.

    Oh well, hopefully I'll be able to install CM14 on the G5 or V11 by next December or January lol.

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