Android N Developer Preview 3: What’s new? Not much…

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Google publically showed off a new build of the Android N preview at Google I/O. While this new phone OS Beta still doesn’t have a proper name, we can still take a look at what’s been updated from Developer Preview 2… Well what little has been updated anyway…


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34 Comments on Android N Developer Preview 3: What’s new? Not much…

  1. I like the change on the notification feature. Having a simple way to reply a message straight from pop-up notification is just an awesome idea. I first notice something like this feature on Ubuntu Phone, then on MS Windows 10 Mobile, and now I'm glad that Android will have this feature too!

  2. We want the Android N 7.0 for moto x style…we buy the moto for the reasons is quick update as like the Google Nexus phones… but this time moto disappointment all the moto users…..

  3. Sounds like the thing that's stopping you from using video services simultaneously is the same thing that keeps you from listening to two media sources in other versions of android, which is okay

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