Android N, Developer Preview 3 – Daily Driver Stable?

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Can you use it as your daily driver? That really depends on your tolerance of respecting its beta status and the occasional hiccup here and there…

15 Comments on Android N, Developer Preview 3 – Daily Driver Stable?

  1. Just wondering does your phone with the N beta, notification sound sometimes completely silent even though I maxed out the notification volume and will require me to restart my phone

  2. Nice video. However though Jerome , the double tap to open the camera even when within the phone (phone unlocked) was there from marshmallow, i've been using the feature as long as i've had the phone . Its not new.

  3. You've been long gone asleep for a long time. Android MM does include the double tap on wake button to launch the camera, even though the phone is on a current app or home screen, so yeah just thought you should know.

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