Android N (Developer Preview 2): What’s New?

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The 2nd Developer Preview brings several notable changes and features. I take a look at them in this quick video.






22 Comments on Android N (Developer Preview 2): What’s New?

  1. I hate the new notifications and how they are now edge to edge… look especially bad on the lock screen. I also hate the new multitasking, it looked much better before

  2. Is dev preview 2 any more stable than 1? I really want to run it on my phone, but I don't want to deal with bugs. I used to flash tons of Roms and can live with some small bugs, but I cant deal with big bugs.

  3. What do you think if a new feature can be added to Android N for navigating in apps or through multi tasking tray (Horizontally) by sliding the finger over soft keys area from left to right or vice versa.
    For example, when we click on multi window button(Square shape) all the apps appear, so rather moving with finger we can slide over the soft keys area to go through the list. May be if not this feature can be used for navigating web pages, dial log, messages etc….What do you say ………….thanks

  4. Hi!
    Would you recommend installing this developer preview on my daily driver?
    I mean, does it have less problems with apps like Instagram etc and is it stable enough to use it on the main nexus smartphone?

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