Android N Developer Preview 2 hands on

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Hands on with the second Developer Preview for the next version of Android, Android N.

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  1. Great video but honestly with the RAM issues Android has it just isn't my cup of tea. I bought a Lumia sometime back after being fed up with using a 1GB RAM device like its 256MB, and besides the difference between the number of apps on the Windows Store and Google Play, this OS is so fluid and smooth and I still get to have my "most important" apps like Twitter and WhatsApp. Until Google works on the RAM thingy I can't think twice about Android am stuck on Windows 10 mobile

  2. It pisses me off that Android hasn't done anything with the black colored notification bar when on the Chrome app. I just think it should be gray or something, not black.

  3. When I make phone calls I cant hang up the phone because it blacks out. I have to wait until the person on the other end hangs up and then the screen will go back to normal. How do I go back to andriod M?

  4. I never had an Android phone and i like to know: can you reach the toggles such as :alarm clock, spotlight,wifi without the need to unlock the screen?(like on the iphone).

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